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New Year's Eve party at the desert

A unique exprience

As every year, in Kasbah Ouzina, hotel of the desert of Morocco, we offer you the possibility of living the experience of the end of the year in the desert dunes.

Year after year, we organize the celebration of this traditional party, but in an environment and with very special characteristics.

The end of the year party in the dunes is held in a huge haima with capacity for more than 100 people.

We elaborate a special menu, fusion of the Berber culture with the western customs, all enlivened with music and native dances of the desert.


If you want to participate in the end of the year party in the desert, you just have to contact us, and we take care of absolutely everything.


The ways to reach the Ouzina desert are diverse and we provide you with the necessary means, whether it is just a couple, or if it is a large group.

We have from 4x4 transport in private or for groups, the traditional vans of the desert, an experience more than recommended.


If you arrive at Kasbah Ouzina by your means, we will wait for you there, with the end of the year party in the dunes ready.


Also if you want to take advantage of the desert getaway, and spend two or three days with our organized desert excursion, we also offer you that possibility.


Whatever your intention, do not hesitate to contact us.

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