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Kasbah Ouzina has been built in a sustainable and traditional way, so that such a charming environment, is not overshadowed by a luxurious hotel, absolutely out of place. The facilities maintain the true aspect, of a traditional construction of the desert, for it the materials and the constructive process of yesteryear were used. Only and due to the generous dimensions of the new rooms, we had to use cement girders, to improve the strength of the wooden beams that form the roofs, adorned with natural cane.

The building is fully integrated into the landscape without breaking the harmony of the place. Inside, the same line is maintained. There are no great luxuries, but a magnetic attraction, so that after harsh days of desert, you feel comfortable in a cozy and warm environment.


The formation of the roofs has been elaborated by expert hands, in a completely handmade way. The ancestral technique has been used, used in the traditional constructions of the desert.

All the "bricks" and blocks have been made with mud in situ with the earth extracted from the same terrain. It was made with a mixture of earth, crushed straw and water, to get the resistant and insulating "adobe", that with the help of some molds the different pieces are made up.

As you can see, the construction process is totally traditional and all the elements are manufactured in the same place. It is evident that this system is slower and more laborious, but the final result is the desired one, a sustainable building, according to its environment.

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