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About us

Kasbah Ouzina, a desert hotel with all the facilities

Kasbah Ouzina was born as a collaboration between a native Berber descendant of nomads and two adventurers who love the desert.

The spirit of the project is to create decent services and facilities, respecting their environment and originality. Our Kasbah (what the Occidentals can understand as "guest house" or "cotagge") retains its autochthonous style of "walled house" but with 100% European cleanliness and hygiene codes.

Our hotel is located in the desert of Morocco, away from the crowds, where you can breathe an atmosphere of peace and tranquility like nowhere else. The kasbah consists of 24 rooms distributed in the courtyards, with different capacities. All rooms have an interior bathroom and shower with hot water, being the ideal place to relax a few days.

If what you want is adventure, our environment offers routes in 4x4 or incomparable motorcycle. Do not hesitate, the desert of Ouzina will catch you.

Welcome to the desert

Your house in the Mrocco desert

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